STAFF PICKS: Our fave beer & food combos

Are you that person in the restaurant who always asks the server what they recommend? If so, this post is for you. We asked several of our staff members to tell us their favourite beer and food combo on the menu and this is the result:

Volt and Ice cream

“Okay, I’m addicted to sugar. We mix volt into our Signal ice cream and I use Volt to wash it down. And it’s a little bit like heaven.”

- Richard (owner)

Wave with Curry Chicken

"The juiciness from the hops really cuts through the spice of the curry and it makes the Wave even more drinkable and the food so much more delicious. Wave has a very high calcium level and a creamy body so it's like drinking milk with spicy food."

- Rob Snowden (brewmaster)

Radio Tube with daily Flatbread

“The two are always delicious and refreshing…  the flatbread always changes so it’s a blendable combination.”

- Ashley (server)

Gamma Ray with Brisket Sandwich

"They complement each other so well: the dark, rich taste from the coffee stout and the salt from the brisket."

- Nathan (executive chef)

Wave with Brisket Dinner

"I wasn't a beer drinker until I lived in Bavaria. That's where I learned to drink beer and this beer reminds me of that kind of complexity. It's a flavourful blend. Both the brisket and the beer have a lot of flavour."

Angie (brand ambassador)

OHM with Enright Beef Brisket Sandwich

"Ohm is a dark, kind of smoky kind of sweet beer, and that pairs really well with the peppery, spicy brisket and the acidic cabbage. That's the best combo on the menu. Take my word for it."

- Connor (brewer)

Volt with the Charcuterie Board

“So many different flavours. So many different textures. You can make your own flavour palette. Every bite can be different.”

- Corey (sous chef)

Gamma Ray and Peach Cobbler

"Gamma Ray is rich and delicious and the peach cobbler has a real southern flare. Yummy! I made beer-infused butter tarts out of the Gamma Ray. And they were a huge hit."

- Bren (events co-ordinator)

OHM with a Pulled Pork Sandwich

I like the mixed combination of the flavours including the smokiness and I just really like the taste of the OHM and the garlic barbeque sauce.”

- Josh (chef de partie)

Radio Tube with Charred Kale and Brussel Salad AND Curried Chickpea Tostada

"It's tasty and it mixes well with the beer. It doesn't overpower the flavours of the curry and the texture/crunch of the kale Brussel salad."

- Brian (executive chef)



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