Signal's Staff Takes the Stage

If you weren't there on Wednesday, September 19 you missed out on one fantastic evening where the staff at Signal were given the opportunity to show off their talents. Turns out we've got quite a few spectacular musicians right under our roof.

Let us walk you through the evening...

The event was originally to be MC'd by our charismatic funny-guy and executive chef Brian, but with so many people in attendance, the kitchen needed help keeping up. So, Sonya stepped up to the plate as host (who, funny enough was a hostess for our restaurant).

She also started us off with some insane vocals nobody wanted to follow, including a song by the infamous Adele.

Next, we introduced the lovely Shawna, the wife of Signal's founder, Richard. Accompanied by our handyman Ed and Sales and Distribution Manager Bill, she sang some lovely tunes.

An Ashley duo came next with our two same-name gals who go by "Big Ashley" and "Little Ashley" at work. Big Ashley is a server extraordinare and Little Ashley acts as our Social Media Coordinator (she may even be writing this very blog post). They started off with a sweet Elvis tune and then put on their plaid and pumped out some "Goodbye Earl" by the Dixie Chicks for kicks.

Though not technically a staff member, we couldn't go without inviting Joe Callahan, who hosts two onging live music events here at Signal: Live is Where It Lives, a show featuring talented up and coming local musicians, recorded live by YourTV, and Acoustic Signal, an open mic and song circle every Thursday starting September 27.

Next up, the brewery guys (plus Ed) gave us some rock and roll, with vocals by brewer Connor, drums by brewmaster Rob, guitar by Bill and cello/backup vocals by Ed.

Now, at this point, we had reached the end of our scheduled performers. The kitchen had begun to settle down and to make it up to Brian not being able to host, we let him have the spotlight for one special song,"I'm Too Sexy", which he happily danced to up on stage.

But the evening fun didn't stop there. The brewery boys decided to get back up, with the addition of server Stuart, to pump out a few more tunes.

To finish the night off, it was decided that with Richard as our leader we would sing one last song with the entire group and as many staff as we could find.

And with that, the first ever Signal's Got Talent concluded.

Thanks from all of us here at Signal!



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