Meet the Executive Chefs

MEET THE EXECUTIVE CHEFS: Brian Hubbard and Nathan Coventry

These two cooking fiends have been friends since 2013 when they worked together at Wellington restaurant Drake Devonshire (which currently has our beer on tap). The roles have reversed slightly, as back then Nathan was the boss and here at Signal, Brian is the main man. Though really, the two work as a team and ensure the Signal kitchen runs smoothly and pumps out beautifully delicious food day in and day out.


Brian Hubbard refers to himself as the energizer bunny in the kitchen.

He wears crazy socks and an "old man hat," making him easy to spot sliding in his crocs with the food cart, back and forth from the kitchen to the storage room in the brewery.

“I think it goes with my crazy personality," he grinned.

A self-taught chef, he grew up in the kitchen.

“I love to cook. I’ve cooked my whole life since I was pretty much a ten-year-old kid with my great grandmother in her kitchen."

“She showed me the way. She was a small, little Portuguese lady who knew how to cook seafood.”

Originally from South Africa, Brian has been in Canada for about 15 years and has worked at Signal Brewing Company since before it even opened back in 2017.

When asked what he likes about his job, he replied: “I get to socialize with the customers more because I have an open-concept kitchen. So they kind of get to see what I’m doing. So I get to play off the customers as well so it’s kind of fun. And it’s not a very stressful place to work. It’s a really easygoing place... And I also get to boss people around so that’s fun.”


Nathan Coventry has been in the Signal kitchen for a few months now, brought in by Brian who praised his skills as a fellow self-taught chef.

“Everybody falls in love with cooking for a different reason," he says. "For me, I enjoy the setting. I enjoy the ambience. We get to make it a personal experience for everybody who comes in here.”

Nathan was born and raised in Kingston, but moved to Toronto when he was 18 years old to pursue an apprenticeship at the infamous Fairmont Royal York hotel.

A self-described mellow man, Nathan lives and breathes food. He says when he's not working at Signal Brewing Company, he's often found in his kitchen at home experimenting with recipes alongside his eight-year-old daughter.

“My daughter is starting to learn. She is a healthy food snob for sure. For an eight-year-old girl, having a dad as a chef she gets to experience a lot of foods that other kids’ parents wouldn’t even pay for in a restaurant.”

Nathan is currently experimenting and designing the new steakhouse menu that will launch at Henry's Place (previously the River Inn), which is currently under renovations next door to Signal Brewing Company. Once open, Nathan will be the executive chef there.



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