Carl Wiens: a look at our labels

Here at Signal we get some attention for our detailed beer bottle labels. These intricate designs come from the local brilliantly creative mind of Carl Wiens.

Carl has been on board with Signal Brewing Company's beer label designs since the very beginning.

Originally a client at Richard Davis, a clothing company owned by Signal founder Richard Corneyea, Carl caught Richard's attention. The first illustration he fell in love with was a poster for a locally-grown food campaign.

When the two got in touch and Richard told Carl about his brewery project, they began working on the design for Radio Tube, Signal's main Pilsner beer.

Since then, Carl has been the label designer for every beer.

Carl's illustration series 'Heavy Thinkers' was published in the most recent Luerzer's 200 Best Illustrators worldwide, but you would recognize them as the labels of Volt.

The Wave image (showcased on our Signal Wave bottle) was featured in TIME MAGAZINE with jury notice from American Illustration and chosen to be included in their annual archive.

He's won many awards with his designs and we just want to brag about him and his contributions to Signal. 🍻




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