5 Things You Didn't Know About Signal

Signal Brewing Company is a hopping place with lots happening. There's also a lot of things people probably don't realize about our business. Here's a few fun facts of 5 things you didn't know about Signal:

  1. Old Shutters to Tables: Signal Brewing Company's dining tables are all made from the original shutters off of the windows from the excise buildings during the Corby Distillery days back in the 1800s.

  2. Bridge Dining: Did you know we do bridge dining on the original bridge that hangs out over the Moira River, built by the Corby Distillery years ago when these types of bridges were still legal. Now, bridges cannot be built so close to the water, which means here at Signal you are being given a unique opportunity with the bridge dining we offer.

  3. Right from the Well:This past year, we installed our own water system to use Corbyville's fresh H20, filtered through layers of limestone – the same water that made Wiser's Canadian Whisky. This gives our beer its own unique flavour.

  4. The Name Signal: When Signal opened we wanted to create a brand name that was distinct and iconic sounding.  Having said this, music was at the forefront of our weekend programming opening the brewery, thus, the Signal name was born. We wanted our location to celebrate the arts in our community and be the pulse/ signal for all things entertainment, food and beer.  The relation to Corby's was also fitting, as this property was the hub/signal for all things employment and alcohol and ultimately put Belleville and Corbyville on the map!  The brand name Signal also led to our beer names, which are based off of communication terms! Oh... and don't forget our Signal tower at our main entrance!

  5. Recycled Flight Boards: Our flight boards are original props from the Corby Distillery too! These were once measuring sticks for grain, which ensured the consistency of the ingredients for each batch of whiskey.



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